After like a billion teasers, One Direction have finally premiered their video for 'Kiss You.' They get silly, go skiing (complete with ugly sweaters), get shirtless (SWOON!), surf, dress like sailors and dance in a jailhouse. Whew. That about says it all.

It's a super cute and nonsensical video about making a video -- you see the crews, the green screens and the photos being taken of the boys as they pay homage to Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

The pure stupidity and dancing that the band warned us about is there.

Other things you need to look out for? Zayn Malik wears swimmies. Harry Styles pinches Malik's nipples while they ride a vehicle. Malik plants a smooch on Styles' cheek. There's much, much more!

It's the silliest video that 1D have ever done. Watch it like 100 times. You won't be sorry!