Uh oh! Looks like Louis Tomlinson was losing his patience with some One Direction fans -- or some paparazzi.

Cambio reports that the U.K. native was at the airport in Detroit, Mich. when he was spotted flipping the bird to someone, though it's unclear to whom his middle finger was directed. Some angry Directioners insisted it was at them, but others say that it's because those fans in particular were rude and nasty to his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

This isn't the first time Tomlinson has snapped on the band's current tour. He gave his middle finger some more exercise in Montreal while shopping with Calder.

While some Directioners took it personally, Tomlinson's beloved Belgian mum, Johannah Darling, tweeted that Tomlinson told her it was actually at men shouting mean things to him and his bandmates, as well as at his girlfriend:

Here's hoping people lay off Louie for a bit. Let a man live!