It's 1D + OD.

One Direction are choosing to live nice. They have teamed up with office supplier Office Depot, creating a line of nail polish and other products like notebooks, pens and stickers to help raise money for anti-bullying initiatives in schools across the U.S.

Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation did a similar thing last year, creating Post Its and Sharpies with empowering messages.

About this creative and unique partnership, 1Der Niall Horan said, "We're really excited to partner with Office Depot and help spread the anti-bullying message with our fans and students in schools across America. And you know we're not long out of school ourselves so we can relate. It's a problem that's fresh in our minds and we're eager to raise awareness on this subject."

See, 1D have been there, in the same position as many Directioners. They get it and they are using their fame for good in this case! Nice work, lads.

1D and OD hope to raise a million bucks so that they can create anti-bullying education programs.

Check out the range of polish below. Why not scoop 'em all up and paint every digit a different 1D color? Or pair the baby blue Harry shade with the midnight blue Liam color, alternating every other finger and toe with each hue?
Office Depot