One Direction joined hilarious comedic actor Paul Rudd for a fresh batch of promos for their stint as musical guests and host, respectively, of this week's 'SNL' (airing on Dec. 7). They boys were decidedly unimpressed by the 'Anchorman' star, who is on his third turn as host.

In a series of segments that span this minute-long video, the Ruddinator reveals he was booted from the band and has hard feelings. He invites himself to be a member --remember when New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees was a temporary, satellite member? -- and even demonstrates his amazing vocal range, which does not impress Harry Styles and Co.

Niall Horan drops what Rudd terms a "truth bomb" for mentioning that Rudd is too old to be a 1Der, and they do a trust fall, with the boys catching Rudd as he tosses himself backward.

In case you missed it, Rudd fangirled over 1D in the promos from earlier in the week. Prepare for a monster giggle. Watch it here.