One Direction get along well, but that doesn't mean the boys are above putting one another on blast. In a new interview, they each reveal one another's secret habits -- and some of them are pretty adorable. (But you knew that already, didn't you?)

The guys revealed that Harry Styles is the most likely to cry at the movies (we're melting). "You know when you get the shivers?" he said. "I get close." One movie that made them cry? 'Ted.' "It brought a tear to my eye," Zayn Malik admitted. Niall Horan concurred, "It was like 'Marley and Me.'"

Louis Tomlinson had a different tearjerker. "Do any of you watch 'One Tree Hill?'" he asked. "When Uncle Keith died, that was a tearful moment!" Too presh!

If you've ever been to a 1D show and thought you heard the wrong lyrics, you probably did -- and it was probably Liam Payne singing. The guys unanimously agreed that Payne is the most likely to forget the lyrics to their super catchy tunes. He admitted that it happened"Like three times in one show. If I don't have my head prepared for what's happening ... I thought we were doing like three songs for a show, but we were doing the whole show, so I had forgotten everything," he laughed. "I was like 'I have no idea.'"

He does have one perk, though: He was the band member that the rest all wanted on their side in a fight. Zayn said of the former boxer, "He's one guy I wouldn't want to pass in a dark alley."

Want to know which member falls in love the most easily and who has the worst morning breath? Tune into the video and get ready to giggle.