Directioners, get ready to giggle your faces off for the next six-plus minutes! One Direction have shared a mockumentary of the behind-the-scenes footage from the photo and promo shoot for their new That Moment fragrance and it's beyond hilarious.

The boys are left to their own devices on set and must deal with a famed French photographer who has been booked for the shoot. He cannot get Niall's name or Zayn's names right and he is totally gruff, aggressive and in their pretty faces. Um, where is their publicist to save the day??

They fend for themselves against this photog, who fancies himself an artiste! He tries to get the boys to make faces that represent how they feel when they smell the fragrance. We know, totally ridiculous and incredibly funny.

The boys do their level best to try and play along, but they can barely keep straight faces while they are working with the cod piece and bandana-wearing snapper.

He thinks he is unconventional, but what that really translates to is inept. Let us present it to you this way. The snapper is so bad, so invasive and so irritating that he would make the 1D boys yearn for the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs. Yes, he is that bad!

But 1D? They are the cutest things on planet earth. #Truth.

Enjoy the hilarity. And props to the marketing team for getting creative with BTS footage. Granted, anything 1D are in is going to be amazing, but we love seeing their lighter sides.