Uh oh. It sounds like there's trouble in paradise -- or, you know, England -- for One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik and his girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. An Australian blonde is claiming that she bedded the tattooed 'Kiss You' singer, and she has photos that may prove it.

The Sun reports that Malik, who's been publicly dating Edwards for over a year, shacked up with a waitress ... and kicked her out as soon as he was done with his business. That's cold, bro!

An apparently embittered 21-year-old named Courtney Webb fumed that Malik swore he was single.

Then again, though, Webb doesn't seem like she was against a one-night stand based on her behavior. She was performing an intimate act on Malik and said he tried to film it on his phone (never a good idea for anyone involved). “He was very selfish and just wanted one thing. Then I noticed a bright light shining in my face — he was trying to film me on his phone," she vented. “I couldn’t believe it, I immediately stopped and told him to delete it.”

Webb said Malik then reconsidered cheating on Edwards, but that it didn't last long. “It felt to me he got what he wanted and wanted to kick me out," Webb said. "But bizarrely he decided he then wanted me to stay again. We went back upstairs and before I knew it we were both naked in his bed."

In case you weren't sure what that meant, Webb spelled it out: “We had sex together and he used a condom that I saw him get from a drawer in the laundry room downstairs.”

When Malik was done, he allegedly offered to call Webb a cab to take her home. “I was absolutely shattered," Webb said. "We had literally just finished having sex, but he was like, ‘Cool, done — see you later’. It was horrible. I didn't argue and I was all ready to go ... but while waiting for the cab we both passed out and fell asleep.”

Webb woke up first and took photos of a sleeping Malik out of spite.

“I was so suspicious of Zayn by now," she said. "I saw some girls’ fake eyelashes on the rug in his bedroom and a pair of women’s pink cut-off wellies with a black bow on the side. There was also jewelry and a vanity set in the bathroom. All this and the way he was so hostile and wanted me out of the house so quickly — it began to add up," she told the tab.

If you're going to suggest she should have known better, Webb insists she didn't know who Malik was when they first met, so she didn't realize she could do a quick background check with a SmartPhone on him. “I decided to Google him on my phone," she said of her sudden epiphany.

"It came up with a load of recent news stories about him and Perrie Edwards. Straight away in my head I was thinking, ‘You absolute s---’ — how dare you cheat behind your girlfriend’s back,'" she stewed. "I sat there and thought about it and got more and more angry. He was rude and disrespectful to me — that’s why I took a photo of him asleep.”

That and the whole "selling her story to a tabloid" thing.

“There was no acknowledgement, no goodbye or see you later. He had got what he wanted and that was it," she snapped. "There were no feelings of remorse or guilt from him at all.”

Webb added, “He’s got everything but he doesn't seem happy at all. He told me he sings for his family, his mum’s got a house now, he owns his own home and he said his family were the only thing he needs around him. It’s a shame he doesn’t feel the same way about his girlfriend.”

Yikes. If this is true, we hope Malik and Edwards can work it out, because they're adorable together. Though it does make sense now that he's got the 'Live While We're Young' solo for the lyrics, "And if we get together / Yeah, get together / Don't let the pictures leave your phone."

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