Ever wonder where to start when deciding what to eat upon visiting a new state? Thrillist.com has made that decision easier with their simply-named piece, "The One Must-Eat Food in Every State."

North Dakotans will be interested, if not overly surprised, to know that this state's "It" food is the Bison Burger, particularly the one offered at the HoDo Lounge in Fargo.

For those who enjoy weekend trips in to Minnesota, South Dakota or Montana, the foods to try are, respectively: the Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis; rancher tips at Stadium Sports Grill in Spearfish, Belle Fourche or Madison; and the ribeye steak at Land of Magic in Logan.

Seafood lovers will want to try the fried lobster tail at Markey's Lobster Pool in Seabrook, New Hampshire or the Dungeness crab cakes at Etta's in Seattle, Washington. Those with a sweet tooth can't miss Vermont's Sugar on Snow at Morse Farm in Montpelier.

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