They're coming!  Hunters from all across the country can't travel to Canada this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  But they can come to North Dakota, KFYR TV reports that there have been nearly one thousand more non-resident licenses issued this year versus last year. For many communities across the state that's just good for business.

Waterfowl season opened for residents this past weekend and opens for non-resident hunters on Saturday October 3rd followed by the pheasant opener on October 10th. You can take a peak at all season dates by clicking here.

Why do so many hunters come to North Dakota to bag their limit?  I can only presume it's not only because of our bird population, but because North Dakota allows more access for hunter's to get after them. Trespassing laws continue to be a hot topic across the state.  As it stands now, landowners have to "post" their land with "No Hunting" or "No Trespassing" signs.  Without the proper posting, hunters pretty much have "the right" to enter private property and harvest game on that land. A new group called ND LOCKDOWN is trying to turn the tables in favor of private property owners.  ND Lockdown maintains that hunters should need to obtain permission from the land owner to hunt on their land.  While North Dakota is the not the only state that has lax rules on trespassing, some other state's regulations can be pretty harsh.  For example, in Florida...

Trespass while in possession of a firearm is a felony punishable by imprisonment for up to five years and/or a fine up to $5,000.

You must REALLY want that duck.

So just a heads up, the non-resident hunting migration will be taking place over the next few weeks.  Hopefully they show the necessary respect for their hunting grounds and bring lots of cash for our stores.




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