Society may judge me by the color of my skin but it was Dr. King's greatest dream and challenge that we would all only be judged by the content of their character. I know the life of Dr.King not only represented civil rights for Black people but for all people, all genders challenging us to embrace each other and truly live out our American values of freedom,liberty and justice for all. America is the only country where you can come from absolutely nothing and receive an education,economic opportunity, home ownership and build a life where you can be anything you dream to be.

I know that there are many who hate people because of the color of their skin, ethnicity,religious values, sexual orientation, gender and lifestyle choices. I believe though that there are more who know every human being deserves equal rights, an equal voice, equal advocacy and equal opportunity. America is great because of all of our differences, all who come here are safe to be and live in mutual respect of fellow Americans. I believe we each can live out Dr.king's dream by fearlessly loving, accepting and celebrating each other. Will we always agree? No. Will we always feel love? No. Will we always want to see someone who seems so different, the same as ourselves? No. Yet if everyday we try, we will live out every value of being an American, uniting with each other, believeing in each other and creating a future where Dr.King's dream is fully recognized.


With love,


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