More theories about what happened with the Porsche in which Paul Walker sat as a passenger at the time of death as one of two people in a one-car crash in Los Angeles on Nov. 30. This time, there is suspicion of a street race.

While there has been the suggestion of mechanical failure and a steering fluid leak, cops are also investigating a tip that Walker and experienced driver Roger Rodas were in the middle of a high-speed street race with another vehicle at the time of the crash.

That sounds a bit like a scenario from the 'Fast and Furious' film franchise that made Walker, 40, a household name. It also sounds like a bit of a reach, with life imitating art, but cops are still looking into things.

The authorities have received tips that Walker and Rodas, both of whom were killed in the tragic wreck, were racing in the $500,000 cherry red Porsche. The crash site has a checkered history and is considered a street racing location. Speed has also been suggested as an initial factor in the crash.

Cops continue to look for any video or witnesses that can produce evidence of another car being involved, which could change the complexion of the investigation.

R.I.P., Paul Walker.