There is a conflict of stories on what happened Saturday (9/3) during the pipeline protest at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, turned violent that sent a couple of people to the hospital and a couple of K-9 dogs to the vet. The conflict is now getting national attention.

The tribe officials said crews destroyed American Indian burial and cultural sites on private land Saturday. This action enraged  several hundred protesters that confronted construction crews and security guards at the site.

The injury report indicated one security guard taken to a Bismarck hospital with injuries. Two security guard dogs were taken to a veterinary clinic with undisclosed injuries.

The tribe said six people were injured from dog bites including a young child and many people were peppered sprayed. The Morton County Sheriff's Department reported no protesters being injured during the scrimmage.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

What actually happened is still murky as the sheriffs department said no law officers were on the scene when the incident took place and the crowd cleared when officers arrived on the disruption. Apparently, there is a video of the confrontation filmed from the air by a helicopter, provided to law officials from the oil company.

The Morton County Sheriff's office said the protestors crossed onto private property and aggravated the situation with poles and wooden posts. Tribal leaders say any suggestion this was a peaceful protest is false.