Earlier this week there was an Earth-Directed solar flare that will cause the Northern Lights to be seen across the Northern US tonight.

According to AccuWeather.com Astronomer Hunter Outten, the flare was classified as an X-Class flare. This will cause the Northern Lights to be seen in the northern part of the US, as well as possibly mess with GPS, radio frequencies and cell and satellite reception.

Viewing of the Northern Lights will be best around Midnight, but should be visible around nightfall. Outten also said that DSLR cameras will see them better than the human eye ever could.


While we are not in the most ideal spot for viewing the lights, we should be able to see them. The further you are away from any light source, the better the viewing will be.

If you get any pictures of the sights, please send them in! We'd love to share them with everyone!