North Dakota has a long legacy of men and women protecting the United States in the Armed Forces. Today Minot, ND resident and military hero Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha was recognized for his heroic action in Afghanistan. On October 3rd, 2009 the U.S. Army Combat Outpost Keating was under attack by the Taliban. Staff Sergeant Romesha led the protection and defense of 50 Army soldiers in a day-long firefight. He served with honor in Afghanistan and with two tours in Iraq.

I stand here with mixed emotions of both joy and sadness today. The joy comes from recognition from us doing our jobs as soldiers on distant battlefields, but it is countered by the constant reminder of the loss of our battle buddies - my battle buddies, my soldiers, my friends.

Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha we salute you, your brothers and sisters in arms and your family today. Thank you for giving us the best of you for us all to be free. Thank you from all of North Dakota - we are lucky to have a great hero like you in our state.

[Source: CNN]