Is your life like a romance movie? Maybe a romantic comedy? Or a depressing movie where you don't get the girl at the end? We're right there with you!

We recounted some of our real-life movie moments -- times where we were in situations that felt strangely familiar.

J-Si and Jenna are all for the romantic movie standard of kissing in the rain, but Kellie Rasberry thinks it's just uncomfortable.

J-Si recounted a particularly embarrassing situation from his teenage years where he was dumped by a girl and talked into trying to get back by serenading her by singing Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" outside her bedroom window.

The only problem? She wasn't in her room, and J-Si got yelled at by her brother.

One listener revealed that her husband wooed her with a pebble. How? He learned that penguins present their mates with the perfect pebble after seeing "March of the Penguins" and recreated the gesture for her. Awww!

Check out the rest of the staff's real-life romantic movie moments, as well as some listeners' submissions, below.