Now that Chris Brown and Rihanna are off again, RiRi has taken to addressing the couple's most recent split the only way these two crazy kids know how... in the most public fashion possible.

At Rih's most recent tour stop in Los Angeles, the songstress asked the Staples Center crowd, "How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love? How many of you don't f---ing understand it? I'm in that group, the confused group." She then launched into her track 'What Now,' singing, "What now? I just can't figure it out / What now? I guess I'll just wait it out." This sounds like the story of Rihanna's life now that Chris Brown is back in play... or out of play. Who can keep track anymore?

A fan tweeted (via Ace Showbiz) that Chris Brown was actually at this concert saying, "Rihanna concert was bomb saw Chris Brown literally was a inch away & fell in love with life all over again. He left maybe like 3 songs before it was over, probably to beat traffic & a big crowd of fans." Probably. Or because he and Rihanna don't date anymore.

According to setlists from RiRi's show at the Staples Center, she sings 'What Now' much earlier in her set. If we were in the 'Diamonds' singer's shoes we might be freakin' confused if our ex-boyfriend showed up to our concert too. Can we just lock these two in a room until they decide whether they want to definitively be together? It would save everyone a lot of time and confusion!

The countdown until Breezy and RiRi's next reunion commences....

Listen to Rihanna, 'What Now'