It looks like Rihanna had a little time on her hands recently, because the girl headed on over to a shooting range to practice her shot -- and uh, we'd never wanna cross her when she's mad.

The singer is currently in Las Vegas for the iHeart Radio music festival, which begins tonight (Sept. 21) and ends tomorrow (Sept. 22). So while the rest of us would probably hit the casino or go see Wayne Newton, Rihanna decided it was time to give her bad girl image even more street cred by (legally) shooting a gun.

“Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the mutha------ air,” tweeted Rihanna, who accompanied the tweet with a picture. In the Instagram pic, she stood in the forefront rocking her new short hair style, which totally reminds us of Halle Berry, a cut off T-shirt, and small, round-rimmed sunglasses. The three women in the background must've been part of her posse, but they're trying way too hard to look cool, whereas Rihanna makes it look effortless.

The singer also posted a photo of her holding up the aftermath of her stationary target practice, and it looks like RiRi's damn good with a gun. The majority of the bullet holes were in or around the red zone of her target, which, in a shooting range, is a very good thing.

Rihanna, have you done this before?