When fans meet Rihanna for the first time they tend to get excited. But in the case of funnyman Louis C.K., who is hosting Saturday Night Live’s season finale this weekend, things got a little awkward in the show’s promo with RiRi, who is the musical guest.

In the clip, Louie tells SNL cast member Leslie Jones that Rihanna is his girlfriend and they are planning a summer getaway to Hawaii. “Uh, nooooo,” she responds. Awkward!

In another segment, Jones is so excited to see Rihanna that she pees on herself -- figuratively. The expression on the R&B singer’s face is priceless.

Overall, it looks like the season finale of Saturday Night Live is going to be a blast this weekend. You can watch the show this Saturday (May 16) at 11:30PM ET on NBC.

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