Either Rihanna can't walk in those ridiculous print boots or she is totally drunk!  

The 'Stay' singer was spotted stumbling around at the Kings of Leon concert in Poland on July 6. Judging by how she required assistance and was all sorts of wobbly on her feet, we don't think it was the boots. Sorry, Ri!

She was allegedly on site to see Miguel and was then escorted out by venue by security since she downed too many libations. Talk about a walk of shame!

RiRi and her gal pal Melissa Forde also spent a day at the beach, perhaps engaging in an all-day drinking fest before hitting the show... or nursing that hangover.

The ladies also filmed their beachside exploits in Poland, where RiRi says she feels "caged in like a f---ing animal."

It's the beach! The sand! The sun! The ocean! Why does she feel caged? In our estimation, RiRi is free(free) as a bird.

Here's Rihanna in her white bikini, or as we'd like to call it, a "Rikini."


Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde enjoying a Polish beach stroll, bevvies in hand.


Check out that bootay.


Watch Rihanna's Beachside Instagram Video