Rihanna will drop her 'What Now' video on Friday, Nov. 15. But she took the Navy behind the scenes of the action a few days early with this footage from the set, which offers a hint of insight about what the expect. The video is, according to RiRi, "a little demented."

Rihanna's Instagram feed isn't the only place where she teases, that's for sure.

"It's going to be kinda eerie, very creepy, since it's one of those songs that could get boring with the visual," the sexpot singer said. "Everyone is probably expecting a narrative type video or a love story of some sort. Something really soft and pretty. It is pretty and kinda soft, but it's really a little demented."

Demented, huh? Alright, RiRi, you win. We're dying to know what goes on.

The clip was shot in Thailand and it was supposed to be filmed over two days, but it was condensed into one, so says Rihanna in this footage.

The designer and her stylist also break down the looks on the set, which RiRi refers to as "red carpet goth." She shared smoldering stills from the set here. Be prepared to melt from her infinite hotness.