Rita Ora had a scary day (Nov. 18). The singer, who is perhaps better known for hanging out with British supermodel Cara Delevingne and for her own modeling exploits than for her music, was on a photo shoot for Madonna's Material Girl when she collapsed. Ora was rushed to the hospital.

Ora, who was shooting in Miami Beach, was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration, according to TMZ. A current spokesmodel for the brand, she was preparing to shoot on the beach near the SoHo Beach House hotel when she passed out in her makeup trailer. She was then rushed to a hospital by ambulance in order to receive treatment.

Her doctor David Farcy confirmed that singer was treated and released, and is fine.


We're glad Rita Ora, 22, is better! Drink lots of water, eat right and take care of yourself in the heat, Rita. Yes, it's November, but in Florida, it always feels like summer. The Jay Z protege resides in England, so probably isn't used to the hot climate in autumn.