Those close to "Blurred Lines" singer Robin Thicke, including estranged wife Paula Patton, are concerned that his partying is spiraling "out of control."

Two weeks ago, we filled you in on some embarrassing confessions Thicke had been forced to make.

Back in July, we speculated that, after five months of separation, he might finally be moving on after the breakup of his marriage. Not so, it would seem.

And it doesn't end there. reports today that the singer's partying has gotten so wild that desperate family and record label insiders tried staging an intervention a few months back, "but he simply refused" to take heed.

The report claims, quoting an unnamed source, that Thicke has been drowning his sorrows with booze "almost every night since splitting with Paula [in February]... He's trying to numb the pain of losing the love of his life."

The performer's drinking isn't the only thing causing others to talk. Twice recently, police have arrived at Thicke's home in response to neighbors' complaints that the music was too loud during late-night parties.

And that's still not the end of it. All this comes in the midst of an ever-more-"bizarre" legal battle with the children of musical legend Marvin Gaye.

The way things are going, it seems another attempt at an intervention might be in order.

Check out this court transcript (via The Hollywood Reporter) to get the story in the star's own words.