Lady Gaga and her family are dealing with a bit of professional drama in separate instances. First, Ma Monster stands accused of breaking a Russian immigration law, since she allegedly performed on a tourist visa in St. Petersburg and Moscow last year. She made money from these Born This Way Ball gigs -- $1.1 million on the St. Petersburg concert -- which is a no-no on a tourist visa.

Policymaker Vital Milonov has filed a request with the Prosecutor General's office so that an inquiry into whether or not Mommy Monster violated either an immigration or a tax law.

"The visas issued were of the basic cultural exchange sort, which does not grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity," a spokesperson for the office said.

The Foreign Ministry and the Federal Migration Service could be brought in to further investigate the issue and to determine what, if any, laws were broken.

Gaga had previous issues when performing in Russia. An ardent and passionate supporter of gay rights, she was accused of using her show to promote homosexuality among children in the country by the same lawmaker. Sound like he has it out for her.

In other Gaga news, Gaga's father Joe Germanotta (her art 'pop') owns Joanne Trattoria, an Italian restaurant, named after his late sister and Gaga's beloved aunt. It's said to be infested with mice, with an outbreak of vermin taking place this week. Ack!

The rodents scurried about the tables and patio. That's enough to have us standing on tables at the thought of it.

Lastly, Gaga appears for like all of two seconds in a new 'Machete Kills' trailer, which marks her film debut. She appears at the 1:20 mark, brandishing a pistol. But if there is one thing to take away from the preview? It's that Machete don't tweet...

Watch Lady Gaga in the New 'Machete Kill's Trailer