What is it about Ryan Gosling that brings out a person's inner romantic? The actor is known for his unauthorized "Hey Girl" memes, but things went to a whole new level when a fan proposed to her girlfriend during Ryan's SXSW panel.

The moment happened during the Lost River Q&A, which was led by Ryan, who directed and wrote the film. For movie fans, it's the perfect opportunity to gain insight on the triple-threat's inspiration and methods. For a romantic, it was the perfect chance to pop the question.

The audience member chosen to ask the last question of the panel is off-camera, but can be heard saying, "I think your film was amazing and I'm going to take away from [it] for a second if I can ... And ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me."

The girlfriend in question looked visibly shocked as she responds, "I'm sorry ...?" to the rest of the audience. To his credit, Ryan gamely offered up his microphone to the pair as the crowd cheered.

The woman proposing expanded on her speech, adding that her heart was pounding and she wasn't planning on popping the question in that moment. The heartwarming speech is a must-watch.

Although the unscripted proposal wasn't part of the Lost River panel, Ryan kindly congratulated the newly engaged couple and led the audience in clapping for them.

You can watch it all go down around the 11:39 mark in the video above. (And check out the entire clip for more on Lost River, which hits theaters on April 10.)

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