Do you think you could notice any scam online? Unfortunately, a person in Fargo lost thousands to an online scammer, posing as a cat breeder. You read that right, THOUSANDS.

Today (October 26, 2020), the Fargo Police Department went to Facebook to warn the public of a website claiming to sell Scottish Fold Munchkin cats. According to the Facebook post, the duped buyer was scammed out of more than $2,000. The person was charged an "adoption fee, shipping, additional shipping, vaccine, new crate, and $1000 for a City permit fee (doesn't exist), and an additional request for $1,000 COVID- related fees."

So, the Fargo Police Department investigated the claim. The Facebook post said that the Fargo address pinned on the cat scam website was inaccurate and the phone number is a long distance number which requires an access code. The police say that they have seen other instances like this scam where people are supposedly selling puppies.

I took a look at the scam website for myself and it is pretty sketchy. I mean, I can see where someone may not think too much of it - there are even "available" cats on the website! But things like misspelling and and (701) 800 - number could be considered red flags. If I was buying an animal, I would definitely have some issues with a website like this.

Not only that, over $2,000 is a lot for a cat. I know they can be expensive, but I would be very concerned if all of these odd "fees" started to get tacked-on to my purchase.

Have you ever been the victim of an online scam?

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