Here is a real time video of a motorcyclist who could not avoid hitting a rubber water mat type object that fell off a boat, being pulled by a truck, traveling on I94 in Minnesota.

We're pleased to announce the rider escaped with only minor injuries. The video was obtained from Linda Leverty, who captured the video with her dash-cam and shared it on Facebook.

The accident happened on June 18th at about 12:30 p.m.

Speaking from one motorcyclist to another, someone much smarter than I told me "dress for the crash, not the ride", meaning, we never expect something like this to happen when we're on our motorcycle. This cyclist was wearing shorts and not really dressed for riding on an interstate. I'm sure before he left for this ride, he never thought an SUV pulling a boat would drop something in his path. Fortunately, he did not have serious injuries, but I bet he had a lot of road burn/ rash. Always, dress for the crash, no matter how hot the day may be. Protective gear is your best friend!

As of press time, police have not located the owner of the boat. The accident happened near Woodbury, MN.