On May 5, Scotty McCreery and four friends were victims of a home invasion and armed robbery as he was visiting a friend's apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. In an interview with USA Today, McCreery provides more details on what happened during the ordeal.

According to McCreery, he and some friends were eating hamburgers and watching the movie 'Gladiator' when they heard a knock on the door.

"One of the guys who lived there, he just figured it was a neighbor," McCreery says. "He looked through his peep-hole — the guys didn't have a mask or gloves, so he didn't look suspicious at all. My friend opened the door to see if he had a question, and we think the other three guys were nestled up against the door so we couldn't see them in the peephole. As soon as the door opened an inch, they barged in, guns waving."

"The first guy in the room had an assault rifle, and he put that right against the sternum of the guy who opened the door," he continues. "The main guy, who was casing the living room, he had a pistol to my head and a pistol at another guy's head."

The robbers reportedly walked away with $1,600 worth of electronics and cash, which included McCreery’s iPhone and a $1,200 laptop belonging to a friend.

One arrest has been made but the other robbers have not been caught yet.

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