Alec Baldwin’s Trump may be back for SNL Season 43, but Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer is another matter. The actress won an Emmy portraying the ousted Press Secretary, who himself now tells Kimmel the bit was at least “kinda funny.” Will she share the gold in return?

Spicer dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to cover the wide array of his short tenure as White House Press Secretary, jovially admitting clips of McCarthy’s Emmy-winning impression were “kinda funny,” even if they ultimately cost “lots of money in therapy.” While he held office, Spicer thought McCarthy “could dial back” a bit on the gum-chewing, while later claiming he sleeps through most instances of the sketch.

As you can imagine, Spicer also admitted of Trump “I don’t think he found as much humor in it as others,” to say nothing of reports the tweeter-in-chief disdained male members of his administration being played by women. McCarthy won a Creative Arts Emmy over the weekend for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, of which Spicer joked to The Blast “I think we should share.” Other reports from Us Weekly in August even suggested that Spicer was interested in an SNL cameo this season, perhaps to put a last cap on the impression.

We’ll see if either Spicey comes out of retirement when SNL returns for Season 43 on September 30, as hosted by Ryan Gosling with musical guest Jay-Z. Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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