Directioners, give us a second to put earplugs in so we can protect our hearing once you guys see the swoon-inducing and scream-worthy individual band member album covers for One Direction's upcoming 'Take Me Home.' Don't all scream at once at the heartthrobs and their covers - you're going to go crazy, crazy, crazy when you see them, to paraphrase the lyrics to 'Live While We're Young.'

Aren't they amazaeballs? Each member has his own cover, focusing on his handsome face. You can also check out the cover art for the new single 'Little Things,' as well.

We've gotta know. Which 1D individual cover is your favorite? Niall Horan looks summery and sun-kissed, with his perfect blond locks. We bet this is Demi Lovato's favorite of the covers. Just sayin'.

Handsome Harry Styles looks like such a hunky gentleman, with his gaze averted. Those eyes! That hair! We're clutching our chests at this point. Louis Tomlinson's image is sunsplashed, and makes us want to spend a day in his company.

Liam Payne is such a boy-next-door, with his crooked smile. He's so approachable and so sweet looking. Zayn Malik looks a bit serious and deep in thought; he's the thinker of the group. Well, at least that's the vibe he puts forth in his cover.

You know, we can't decide which we like best. We love them all. We want to take all of the 1D boys home.


Watch the One Direction 'Live While We're Young' Video