Justin Bieber can do anything! Sell millions of records, score hit singles, date one of the loveliest pop stars on the planet, and... send telepathic messages to pedophiles. Wait, what?

Bieber, who you may recall faced a couple of bizarre allegations last year, is ringing in 2013 as the focus of yet another memorably nutty story -- although this one is actually fairly gross: The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a man who was recently arrested a regional high school swim meet told police he went there because "he received a brain-wave message from recording artist Justin Bieber telling him to go to the school" and "look for young boys to have sex with."

Fortunately, officers were tipped off before the man could cause any harm; security guards at the school noticed him in a restricted area and called the police, who found him sitting in the bleachers with a duffel bag cradled against his chest. To their extreme consternation, they quickly discovered he'd already been arrested for prior sex offenses, and had somehow slipped through the cracks; as the local police chief put it in a statement to the press, "I cannot understand how this individual was not required to register as a sex offender."

Bieber, understandably, could not be reached for comment.

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