Everyone was sure to be thrilled today when they woke up and saw the temperature was once again, below zero. This makes it unfortunate that North Dakota is listed as having one of the most miserable winters in the U.S.

According to Thrillist, North Dakota is listed as having the 4th most miserable winter in the country. While this isn't as much of a shock to land such a spot on the list as it would be to say "water is wet" or in our case, "ice is frozen," it is debatable whether North Dakota shouldn't be ranked as 'even more miserable.'

The three states that finished at a more miserable status than North Dakota on the list were Alaska (#3), Michigan (#2), and Minnesota, as it topped the list for having the most miserable winters.

The determining factors in the rankings were weather patterns, average temperatures, how effective and quickly their department of transportation clears highways and the historical success rates of their winter-season sports teams. I mean I guess everyone needs something to cheer about during the miserable winter time.

Just know that when someone else who is anywhere else in the country besides any of the aforementioned states, feel free to troll them with as many screen shots of your weather app showing the current temperature as needed.

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