If you are purchasing a new home, you may want to ask if it is haunted before you buy.

If you are in the market for a new home, you probably have a list of questions to ask about the places you look at. Of all the questions, have you ever thought to ask, "Is this place haunted?" You may want to add that to your list of questions to ask your realtor because you do not want to end up stuck with a mortgage on a house with paranormal activity.

A haunted home is considered to be a "stigmatized home." According to Omega, "Most states do not require the seller to disclose any events which may have stigmatized a property." The site lists six types of stigmatized homes:

  1. Murder or Suicide
  2. Public Intrigue
  3. Paranormal Activity
  4. Criminal
  5. Debt
  6. Minimal

North Dakota has a "buyer beware" law when it comes to home purchases.

It goes a step further for North Dakota because of our "buyer beware" law. Basically, a buyer is encouraged to lawyer up and get the property investigated for issues before purchasing the place. Omega reports that sellers can even withhold information!

I would like to think that I am usually a fairly rational person. But, when it comes to the paranormal, I have all kinds of weird fears and paranoia. I do not even 100% believe in ghosts, and the few strange encounters I have had most likely can be explained away. Even so, you can bet that I will be searching for any stigmatized history on the houses that I look at when I become a homebuyer.

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