Ever since North Dakotans elected deceased candidate, Dave Andahl, to the state legislature, there has been a battle between our governor and the District 8 Republicans. KFYR-TV reported that, shortly after the election, Governor Doug Burgum "filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Al Jaeger, House Majority Leader Chet Pollert, and District 8 Republican Party Chairman Loren DeWitz over who has the power to appoint someone to David Andahl’s District 8 House seat." The governor lost the lawsuit and he is billing North Dakotans.

Star Tribune is reporting that The Associated Press revealed that Governor Burgum is billing North Dakotans for his lawsuit. The records that the Associated Press obtained revealed that the governor's lawsuit will cost taxpayers $12,000 in attorney fees and court costs. Star Tribune said that, as of Thursday (December 17), Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has yet to see and approve/ deny the bill.

Star Tribune also reports that Attorney General Stenehjem has stated that the lawsuit "was a waste of taxpayer money." So, one could make an educated guess about the attorney general's decision may be. But, whether this transaction is approved for the governor's office budget or not," should Governor Burgum really be billing the taxpayers?

When Attorney General Stenehjem added North Dakota to the Presidential election lawsuit, he told us that it came at no cost to North Dakotans. So, why should Governor Burgum's personal lawsuit against the state come at our expense? He CAN afford to pay his own legal fees. He's a billionaire.

Do you think North Dakota's taxpayers should be financially responsible for Governor Burgum's lawsuit?

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