The suit makes the man, and that’s seldom more true than for the superhero set. Batman would be another joe-schmo billionaire industrialist without the arsenal of weaponry built into his armor, Iron Man would literally die without his hardware, and now we can add Peter Parker to the list of superheroes whose own clothes act as unofficial sidekick. In the latest trailer for upcoming reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming, we get a glimpse of some nifty new modifications (courtesy of Stark Industries) to Spidey’s trademark red-and-blue spandex. A new generation’s Spider-Man needs some modern upgrades, and the latest iteration of the suit includes a detachable mini-drone and what I can only describe as “skintight suction technology.”

Light tensions between a teenage Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and a slightly protective, frustrated-dad-vibe Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) fill out the new preview for the film due July 7. Stark’s the one who equips Petey with his fancy new spider-threads, but the original Avenger then scolds the boy for biting off more than he can superheroically chew when he attempts to hold a bisected ferry together with little more than web fluid. (“What if somebody had died?” Stark asks him, as if doing nothing would have somehow been a wiser option.) Parker wants to graduate to full Avenger-hood, but he’s got enough on his plate as it is, what with girls, high school, and living in Queens keeping him plenty busy.

The pivotal line of the trailer has to be Stark’s warning that “If you’re nothing without your suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” Coming from a man entirely dependent on his armor to continue living, it means a lot: Homecoming appears to focus on the emotional process by which regular guys are forged into heroes, a process that has more to do with mettle than metal. And if there's anything Spider-Man needs now, it’s another origin story.

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