Walt Disney World’s popular Splash Mountain attraction closed for good over the weekend. The ride will now be refurbished and reopened in a few years time as a log flume themed to the recent animated movie The Princess and the Frog. Disney fans flocked to the Magic Kingdom to get one last ride on the attraction; wait times on its final days stretched into multiple hours. And some of those that did make it onto Splash Mountain a final time brought home souvenirs: Water, which they are not turning around and selling to other fans for absurd prices on eBay.

There are numerous eBay listings right now for what is purported to be a container of “Splash Mountain Water,” but many others have already been sold. The prices do vary, so you might be able to get some for a reasonable price if you’re interested in a very strange collectible. But at least one auction ended with someone paying $117.50 for just four ounces of liquid. And that was after 25 bids!


How could you possibly verify that this water actually came from Splash Mountain? You can’t.  Caveat emptor, I suppose. What if you leave the bottle of water out in the sun?!? There goes your Splash Mountain treasure.

Disney first announced it would retheme the Splash Mountain attractions back in the summer of 2020 The ride, which first opened at Disneyland in 1989, is based on Disney’s most controversial film, 1946’s Song of the SouthThe official closing date for Splash Mountain in Florida was announced back in December. The new attraction, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, is expected to open some time in 2024.

For these prices, you might want to consider getting off eBay and heading out to Disneyland in California, where Splash Mountain is still open. That version of the ride is going to close as well, but the closing date hasn’t even been announced yet, so you’ve still got at least a couple months to take another trip down into the briar patch. And even if you’re not a Splash Mountain fan, you could go on it with like twelve Nalgenes and pay for your whole trip.

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