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Earlier this week, it was confirmed that President Barack Obama would be visiting the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Friday, June 13th. Reaction to Obama's visit has been mixed, though not amongst the tribe members.

KX News visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to get the tribe members thoughts on Obama's visit, which you can see above.

For the most part, everyone on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is excited that Obama chose to visit them, as opposed to one of the many "boomtowns" across the state. Tiffany Baker had this to say:

I think it's good that he's coming for a positive reason which is to learn about our culture and our way of life instead of coming here for something that is kind of drawing a lot of bad and negative attention such as the oil fields and all that. I think it's really good that he's coming here on a positive note.

You can read more on Obama's visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation at KX News HERE.

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