Chris Brown is a sensitive guy. When he was recently asked what his birthday plans were, Rihanna's off-again on-again boyfriend (who, at least for the past five minutes, is on-again) kept it classy: He wants strippers.

"I wanted to do a foam party for my birthday," Brown said when asked about his itinerary for May 5. "We'd incorporate strippers with the foam, and me in some drawers. And no men! Just all women, strippers, foam. A stripper foam party."

When his interviewer then asked him why his videos haven't featured many voluptuous, junk-in-the-trunk ladies, he replied, "Because it's about the inner beauty!" Adorable, right? Until he added, "And some girls can't afford the injections."

Other revelations? He loves Macklemore -- and is shooting a music video with RiRi, but wouldn't say what song it was for or whether it was from his own upcoming record, 'X,' or her current release, 'Unapologetic.' (Lots of fans think it'll be 'Nobody's Business,' but that's up in the air.)

Also, tune in to find out who he doesn't want at his show. It's actually pretty charming!