A TikTok creator and student teacher went viral after revealing which outfits have gotten her into trouble at school for dress code violations. We've seen her modest, fashion-forward outfits and, to be honest, we don't really see what the problem is!

TikTok user @meimonstaa, who goes by Mei Mei, is recognized for posting budget-friendly fashion tips and offering followers makeup advice. A student teacher by day, Mei Mei has been dress coded at her school in recent weeks, a saga she has been documenting on the app

In a recently posted but since-deleted video, Mei Mei noted that if she violates the dress code just one more time, she could be removed from the program and won't be able to graduate on time.

In the deleted video, Mei Mei claimed she was cited for a Western-style T-shirt she paired with a cardigan and dress pants. The apparent reason for the violation? T-shirts are only allowed to be worn on Spirit Day.

Another outfit that got Mei Mei in trouble included an oversized gray sweater, long camel coat and tight, faux leather leggings. To be fair, she admitted the pants were likely too edgy for a school setting.

A loose-flowing, plaid prairie dress also went against the school's dress code, as did a long sweater dress worn with leggings, which landed Mei Mei a long chat with the school. Mei Mei claimed she was not informed what was wrong with the outfit, only that it was deemed "not appropriate."

Mei Mei isn't the only one confused about why she keeps getting dress code violations for her adorable outfits. Most of her comments are from users noting that her outfits are cute, modest and appear professional.

Other comments reveal many people were previously unaware just how strict dress codes are for school teachers and staff.

Concerns about sexism have understandably bubbled up in Mei Mei's comments sections on TikTok. One person wrote, "I feel like their constant dress coding is misogynistic and feels targeted."

While most comments seem to agree that Mei Mei's outfits are nothing to bat an eyelash at, the majority also agree that schools nationwide are in desperate need of teachers — meaning maybe it's not the best time to lose teachers because of mild dress code violations!

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