A once thriving, unique restaurant in Bismarck is now struggling to keep its doors open. The restaurant owner reached out to the community, via Facebook, asking us to help keep the restaurant running. Another local restaurant has stepped up to help to keep the cause. Can we help Noodlezip, too!

Noodlezip in Bismarck is a local restaurant that has been serving up authentic Asian cuisine for the past three years. On Tuesday (July 28), the owner posted on Facebook, asking the community to help keep the restaurant from going out of business. According to the gofundme page, Noodlezip has lost 50% - 60% of its sales because of the pandemic. Now, Noodlezip's neighbor, Butterhorn, is generously working to keep Noodlezip open and running. KX News says that, this week, Butterhorn will donate a portion of its sales will go to support Noodlezip. Get the full story here.

You can also help keep Noodlezip open. It's as easy as buying one of their future use gift cards. According to a Noodlezip Facebook post, you can purchase a future use gift card, worth $100, for $80 (good to use at the beginning of 2021). You can also plan a future meeting or personal event with Noodlezip. Or, you can just donate money to their gofundme account. Get the details about gift cards and events here. Donate to their gofundme account here.

We have already seen too may local businesses permanently close down because of the pandemic. If we keep losing them, we'll lose uniqueness that local owners and their businesses bring to Bismarck-Mandan. And - more importantly - local business owners could lose everything they have. Let's support local business and help keep Noodlezip thriving!

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