Matt Damon

‘Bourne 5’ Trailer to Premiere During 2016 Super Bowl
As the biggest television event of every year, the Super Bowl is always a popular landing spot for the latest movie trailers. Millions and millions of people are watching, so what better way to make a splash with your new trailer? This year will prove no different as we’ve already got confirm…
Matt Damon Returning to 'Bourne' Franchise
Well that didn't last long, did it? With the conclusion of the original 'Bourne' trilogy, director Paul Greengrass said there wasn't really anywhere else for Jason Bourne to go in the franchise, hence the Jeremy Renner spinoff 'The Bourne Legacy.' But it looks like Gree…
Will Matt Damon be Back for 'Bourne 5?'
Recently 'Bourne 5' was delayed almost an entire year from August 14, 2015 into the more prime real estate of July 15, 2016. Could it be the real reason was to accommodate original star Matt Damon's return to the series? That's the latest rumor.

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