Seth Rogen

‘Neighbors 2’ Trailer Sneak Peek Teases Sorority Mayhem
As the sneak peek above suggests, we’ll have the first full, official trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising tomorrow, but until then, enjoy 15 seconds of footage from the upcoming sequel to the 2014 comedy hit starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. This time around, the pleasant couple next d…
Dear Seth Rogen: Don't Accept the Invitation to Roast Bieber
Justin Bieber recently took to his twitter to ask one of his biggest critics, Seth Rogen,  to accept an invitation to roast him during his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. Seth hasn't responded yet to the request, and I'm here to humbly plea for him to turn down the offer!
YouTube Agrees on a Deal to Stream 'The Interview'
Just last week it seemed possible that 'The Interview' may never be seen anytime soon as Sony Pictures canceled the theatrical release and claimed they had no immediate plans for a VOD debut. But, following yesterday's news that 'The Interview' will run in select theaters on…

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