Taylor Swift graces the cover of the December issue of WebMD. We know, we were like, "There's a WebMD magazine?," too. But don't question it; just go with it. Despite the fact that it's a magazine about health issues, T. Swizzle, her bangs and her polished ponytail are featured. She's flushed and pretty, with a pop of color on her pink-tinted lips.

The cover image might be innocent but the inside photos, featuring T. Swiz in a black sleeveless party dress with a poufy skirt while cradling a microphone, are sexier than anything we've seen from her. She must have been thinking "My much-desired-by-teen-girls BF Harry Styles of One Direction will be seeing these photos so I better look extra hot" while posing.

It is the most sophisticated we've seen Swizzle look in a while. No boyish brown Oxfords. No cardigans. No pearls. No floods. Thank God she chose to dress for her model height, as opposed to going the dowdy, housefrau route.

In the feature, Swift talks about her much-discussed relationships and how they infiltrate her songs, saying, "Everyone starts a relationship well intentioned. No one thinks, 'This will have a horrific, crazy downfall, and it will be chronicled on an album that teenagers will be singing to themselves in their bedrooms.'"

Ya hear that, Hazza?

The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer also addressed her happiness and how she keeps herself in check when her also-much-discussed neuroses start popping up.

"The fact is, my life is amazing, so when I’m getting too much in my own head, I try to say all the things I’m grateful for," T. Swizzle said.

So what are those 'Little Things' she counts as blessngs, besides her boy band BF?

She revealed "It can be simple things -- like if I’m complaining about how my cell phone is working slowly, I think about how slowly they worked five years ago. It’s OK to have glass-half-empty days, but not too many of them. I place a higher priority on being happy than I do on freaking out."

So don't write a song about how Jake Gyllenhaal liked indie records that are much cooler than yours or how much John Mayer sucked it. Write one about how great it is to hold hands with and be the object of H. Stylez's affection! Focus on the good things, Tay Tay.


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