These days, Downtown Bismarck seems extra packed with boutique-type businesses. Smaller locally owned retail locations where people put their personal passion into the products they present. How about that alliteration?

Beer & Boutiques is a cool name for an event- I'd also suggest Shops & Hops!

Recently I was downtown for the street fair and I saw so many new businesses that have been established in just the last year. I love supporting local, but I must confess I'm not much of a shopper. I wear my shoes and clothes until they fall off before I buy any more.

But I do like sampling a bunch of different beers.

This Thursday don't miss your chance to do both and raise money for the Bismarck Cancer Center.  It's the 6th Annual Beer & Boutiques in Downtown Bismarck. Here's how it works...

McQuade Distributing staff select unique beer samples to showcase at each participating Downtown Bismarck location. Ticket holders receive a “bingo card”. If ticket holders make it to all the locations they will be entered to win the grand prize and several other prizes.

The event runs Thursday from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Tickets are $40 for early birds or you can purchase a $50 ticket for an additional donation to the Bismarck Cancer Center. You'll also receive some Crazy Cash to use at participating downtown locations. There are great sale prices and chances to win door prizes at each stop.

Tickets are available now at

Make your plans for Beer and Boutiques this Thursday in Downtown Bismarck.

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