Thrillist has produced a list containing the best movie title from each state. I bet you're thinking the movie Fargo would get the nod for North Dakota. BUZZER, You'd be incorrect!

For starters, the movie Fargo is the top movie for our neighbors to the east in Minnesota. Here are the rules for the list according to Thrillist-

there are no documentaries on this list. There are also no straight-up biographical movies, or ones based largely on true stories. And, finally and most confusingly, the films can be set in the state without being filmed there. Which is to say, The Departed could win Massachusetts, despite being filmed in New York. Spoiler alert: it didn't win.

Now that we know the ground rules, the best movie for North Dakota is Leprechaun, from 1993. You can see the trailer here.

I don't get this though. Even in the trailer it states the story takes place in a small town on South Dakota. Have you seen the movie? (I have not) Does any of the movie take place in NoDak? Does it have anything to do with North Dakota?

Clemens Bilan / Getty
Clemens Bilan / Getty

By the way, the best movie for South Dakota is North By Northwest.

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