The McQuades Softball Tournament is a huge deal every year. But it seems like it's missing one thing.

A blimp! Why is there no blimp at the McQuades Softball Tournament? It's a totally 'blimp-worthy' event. It draws 4,500+ players each year representing at least a dozen states.

Typically blimps are at major sporting events but they can sometimes be spotted at less major events too.

According to which may or may not be a reliable site, only six blimps exist in the US from four companies. They are GoodYear, DirecTV, Hood, Van Wagner.

But the blimps aren't that busy. Good Year even has a request form for a fly over.

And a fun fact... I personally have experience talking to blimp people. When I was in High School I hosted an internet radio show and when I did my 100th episode, I wanted to host it from the Good Year blimp. And they totally were willing to let me do it! But logistically it was a nightmare, plus I had to go to Ohio, so it never came to fruition.

But that's not the point.... The point is... it's pretty easy to get in touch with blimp people and they're pretty open to working with all kinds of people.

Plus McQuades is a large enough tournament to earn some blimp love.

Let's start the process. #McQuadesBlimp2018.

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