No matter what age you are, everyone loves a good Pixar movie and will definitely have a favorite. It seems that North Dakota has come to a consensus on a favorite as well.

According to and research conducted using Google Trends, North Dakota's most beloved Pixar movie is also the most popular overall throughout the country. In fact, 17 states total had this movie as their favorite which is far more than the total for any other Pixar movie. The most popular Pixar movie in the country and North Dakota's favorite is 'Finding Dory.'

The 'Finding Nemo' sequel seems to be very popular in the upper Midwest as Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan each made it their pick and so did much of the eastern seaboard.

The sequels of each Pixar movie in a series are just as, if not, more popular than their predecessor. 'Finding Dory' happens to be eight times as popular as 'Finding Nemo.'

It also appears that Utah loves their Pixar movies in general. They finished with a seven-way tie for most beloved Pixar movie with 'A Bug's Life', 'Brave', 'Cars 3', 'Inside Out', 'Monsters, Inc.', 'The Incredibles', and 'Up' all finishing at the top of their list.

Did Google Trends get it right, North Dakota? What's your favorite Pixar movie overall?

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