Joe, John, Bill, Nancy, Mary and Sue. All great names for boys and girls, but not the most popular baby names in North Dakota, and not even popular in the nation. Here are the latest, greatest and most popular baby names in each state. released the most popular boys and girls baby names in each state. The methodology used was -

The history, meaning and origin of first and last names come from the Dictionary of First Names and the Dictionary of American Family Names respectively. Last name histories from SurnameDB are also included on ~50,000 names for additional information and context.

Let's take a look at the most popular names from across the nation.

  • Minnesota- Olivia and Henry
  • Montana- Emma and William
  • North Dakota and South Dakota- Liam and Harper

The top boy names in the country include Liam, Noah, Jacob and Mason. The top girls names are Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Isabelle.

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The most popular last names are Smith, Johnson, Williams and Brown.