It seems like all the internet is these days are funny cat pictures and lists of every state's favorite thing. Today, we find out every state's favorite cocktail.

Estately took information from Google Trends to put together a map, listing each state's favorite cocktail, based on Google searches originating from each state between 2004 and 2014.

In North Dakota, the cocktail most searched for was the Long Island Iced Tea, which also happens to be the most popular in Missouri and Ohio.

So, why the Long Island Iced Tea? Here's what Estately had to say about North Dakota:

North Dakota drinks a ton of booze, but locals aren’t much interested in making cocktails with it. If they have to choose, Long Island Iced Tea comes out on top, until the next day when the drink makes North Dakota residents feel like they’re on the bottom (50th overall).

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