Given there are no NBA teams in North Dakota, it's not every day you'll be able to connect the two, but there are moments when that perfect tweet comes along and makes it happen.

If you saw Game 1 of the NBA Finals, you know there was plenty of excitement throughout the entire game. The Golden State Warriors found a way to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime, 124-114 to take a 1-0 series lead. But the end of regulation had a bizarre twist.

With 4.7 seconds remaining, and Cleveland trailing, 107-106, the Cavaliers' Greg Hill drew a foul and went to the line to shoot two free throws. Hill sank the first to tie the score and then something crazy happened. Hill's second free throw was short off the front of the rim and Cleveland's J.R. Smith grabbed the offensive rebound near the basket. Rather than going back up with another shot, or passing off to an open teammate, he dribbled out to the perimeter far beyond the three-point line and the Cavs were unable to get off any sort of high percentage shot as time expired, sending the game into overtime.

The play was one of the most bizarre in NBA history. Not just for being in the NBA Finals, but in any game. It's as if Smith thought Cleveland had the lead, or he just didn't have a plan for what he needed to do if he ended up with the rebound on the play. Then there was LeBron James standing out the three-point line, calling for the ball. The best player in the NBA who had a historic performance and already scored 49 of his 51 points in regulation didn't get a pass from his teammate, despite looking open at the time.

You might be wondering, how could any of this possibly tie into something remotely having to do with North Dakota? The answer is in the following tweet:

Several memes have been made since the picture was captured on the end of regulation, but kudos to you, Keith Albertson, you won Twitter in North Dakota for the week.

Albertson is the Sports Director for KVRR-TV in Fargo, ND. And yes, this is exactly what it looks like when the person in front you doesn't turn right on a red light when no traffic is coming. There's a reason why North Dakota made the top ten for worst drivers in the country.

But in case you haven't seen the play described above, check out the video below.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tomorrow night.

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