Headline News Network presented the top 50 viral videos of 2013. I guess it took HLN a full year to come up with the top videos from a year ago, but it is what it is. In all fairness, the show aired on New Year's Eve, officially, it was still 2014.

HLN counted down 50 of the most popular stories that made 2013 a "What did you share?" year. It boiled down to what videos went viral from each state, and from there, HLN made a top 50 list.

The top video from North Dakota from 2013 that made the list was Ron Burgundy co- anchoring KXMB-TV news in December of 2013.

Check the entire list from each state.

I was thinking about the April 2013 incident on KFYR-TV with A.J. Clemente and his dropping of the F bomb!

What do you think?